Our theme for August 2017 is Motivation. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines motivation as "a motivating force, stimulus, or influence". That really doesn't describe too much, so let us look at the root word of motivation which is motive. Motive is "something that causes a person to act". Now that's more like it. But what is "something"? You see before we can cause ourselves to act, we have to have a reason to do so. In fact, without a reason, a purpose, a "WHY", there is no such thing as motivation. Your reason "WHY" is that something that causes you to act.

Before I can have a desire to act, I need a compelling reason to do so. Best selling author Steven Covey in his book 7 Habits For Highly Effective People notes that many people dream of greater outcomes for themselves, but very few people make it through the changes necessary to achieve those dreams. They do not fail because

they are bad people or have bad dreams, but they fail because their reason "WHY" is not big enough. When these people are faced by the trials that they will need to endure, their "WHY", their purpose for reaching their dream must be greater than the challenge. If the purpose is not strong enough, not deeply rooted enough, it simply lacks the ability to fuel motivation.

Think of the "WHY" as your rocket fuel. To reach your goal you are going to blast off from Earth. If your purpose, your "WHY" is strong enough, big enough, you will be able to barrel through Earth's gravity and eventually soar to new heights. But if your tank is not big enough, you may only make it a little ways off the ground before plummeting back to the ordinary.

There are a lot of people that lack motivation. Simply saying pull it together and buck up is not the solution. Remember, you can only transform as much as you are willing. And your willingness is a direct reflection of your "WHY". Without a "WHY" there is no motivation. Without motivation there is no action!

If you are struggling with lack of motivation you need to find your rocket fuel. You may not have a strong enough purpose for what you are trying to accomplish. Or you may be using a strong purpose to validate the wrong actions. Either way, you must be willing to address your internal purpose for pursuing a goal. When you find the right reasons to take action, your motivation will soar. Then the change you have been looking for will be right around the corner!


P.S. I might add that your why/motivation can also be very dynamic and impactful in menial and mundane actions taken throughout your day. How you respond, the thoughts we allow about ourselves and others, our facial expressions, our assertiveness, attention to detail, engagement, etc. can all be filtered through your "WHY". Doing so ensures that your actions are impactful win/win interactions that will bring you closer to your dreams and others closer to theirs!

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