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Self Defense Class with Allen's American Martial Arts


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Our self defense courses are designed to empower. Even with no prior experience, you will leave with confidence and assurance. This hands on training is designed to help you prevent attacks before they happen and how best to quickly and easily survive when they do. Over 150 years of international combative and world class experience is combined to ensure your safety. Raise your awareness and control over your survival! Classes include:

  • Awareness & Preparedness
  • Grab Releases
  • Striking and Strike Defense
  • Wall and Ground Defense
  • Unarmed & Armed

Allen's American Martial Arts offers self defense classes by appointment only. You may book private lessons and/or organize a group session by completing the form or giving us a call at (419) 385-5425!

What People Say!

 "In the past I have been a victim of assault and I was unable to defend myself...I recommend that every woman take the survival course and learn how to fight back BEFORE becoming a victim. Replace fear with self-assurance and have the confidence to always survive!​"


Adult Student

   What time are classes?

We will happily provide class time info. To make sure we share the right classes with you, please submit a form to receive specific class time information. 

Or give us call at (419) 385-5425. Our office hours are:

  • 4:30 p to 8:30 p M-F
  • 9:00 a to 2:00 p Sat
  • Closed on Sundays

   My child has never done Karate before, where do I start?

No experience is required to join any of our programs. We work closely with you to understand your family goals and how best to achieve them. Form there we will select the appropriate class for your child to start in and help you with assisting your child.

   How much does it cost?

We will gladly share that information with you. We have many programs so to get you the right info, please submit your information or give us a call. (419) 385-5425​

Allen's American Martial Arts

4400 Heatherdowns Blvd. Ste. 8

Toledo, Ohio 43614

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